This game is available in English and French !
You can play it on mobile and PC directly on your browser

🧛‍♀️🧙‍♀️  ⚡  👿🎃

This looked like a very boring Halloween for Léa, until a demon kidnapped her candy! (and her little brother! :O )
Meet friends, fight the devil and discover your inner magic ✨

"The Devil took my Candies" have 4 different ending : don't forget to save to try them all !


Story, Art, Code, Translation - Nighten
Music - Shertigan
This game use the Monogatari Engine, you should try it too! (it's great!)


The little story behind this little game

The story was written in 2018 for a Game Jam, but I (Nighten) didn't had the time to make a Visual Novel out of it before Halloween. I put the project aside, and this year in October I made the final version for Halloween 2019 !

Léa and Ethan relationship is really inspired by my own siblings, who should try to understand each other more c:


I hope you enjoyed the story, thank you for your attention :)

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